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With effect from September 2008, this page will no longer be updated; future sermons will be posted here, so that you can subscribe via RSS feed should you wish to do so.

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God's Kingdom

Pentecost 2008 (only the first paragraphs are the same as Pentecost 1999!)

Going to Emmaus

He is Risen!

Letting Go - a Meditation for Holy Week

Children's Talk for Mothering Sunday 2008

They Left their Nets

My Servant, my Son (Very similar to “The Baptism of Christ”, but not identical)


John the Baptist


Who needs God?

Harvest Festival 2007

Of God and Money

On Not Being Perfect

Talking About Prayer

Allowing God

Preaching the Word

Getting it wrong


Palm Sunday 2007

Second Chance


Close Encounters

Rejoice, but...

The Great Commandments

Talking about it

Never Satisfied!

Twelve Years

Step by Step

Silly Sheep 2

Dying to Live

A Road through the Wilderness

Remembrance Sunday 2005



God’s chosen?

Flowers, weeds, ladders and seeds

Trinity Sunday 2005

Thomas gives permission, version 3

Bones and Bandages

For God so Loved the World

The Epiphany

Hanging in there

Are you ready?

What's a Saint, 2 (slightly modified from earlier version)

Mr Moneybags and the Big Issue seller

Philemon and Onesimus 2 (with a new introduction)

Thirsting for the Word

Trinity Sunday 2004

Eating with the Enemy

Glimpses of Glory

The Greatest of These is Love

The Baptism of Christ

Don't Worry

Christ the King

What on earth?

Sheep’s eyeballs, anybody?

Butterflies and Thorns

God is Love

Seeing ghosts?  (same readings as “Removing the Ghosts”, but different treatment!)

We are His Workmanship

Baptism and the Holy Spirit

The Coming King

What’s a saint when it’s at home?

Feeding the Five Thousand (a repeat of August 1999, but in a different church!)

A Den of Thieves


Noah’s Ark

Counting the Cost (same readings as the earlier one, totally different treatment!  I forgot I’d an earlier version, or I’d have used it!)

Whose idea?

God uses who?




Philemon and Onesimus

Walking the Walk

Pharaoh’s Dreams

God's Idea

Silly Sheep

Thomas gives permission (rewritten)

The Anointing of Jesus

Abraham's Chickens

Needing Rules

Here I am

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Dwell in you richly

Prepare the Way, 2

Abound in Love

Job, or sh*t happens

On Not being a Hypocrite

Listen to Him


The Kingdom of God


Removing the Ghosts



The Story of Balaam


New Beginnings

Prepare the Way

Nothing Else Matters

That day in Nazareth

As we forgive....

Worshipping false gods

Feeding the Five Thousand


Faith and Courage

Pentecost 1999

Thomas gives permission

Counting the Cost

In the Beginning, God

The Power of God

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