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Welcome to my web site.  Photographs are available on my Facebook page, so if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you can see them.

I am a Methodist Local Preacher. The text of my sermons between January 1999 and August 2008 can be found here; however, time and technology changes, so I have now set up a blog in which to publish my sermons; this will enable you to receive updates via RSS feed should you wish.  In 2014, I started to record my sermons as I preached them; the podcast will be on the blog for 3 months, but I am too mean to pay for a hosting site; you may download older podcasts from here.

I also have a blog where I note what I have been cooking and eating recently; this supersedes and adds to the collection of recipes, on this site. And a third blog to journal holidays, days out, trips with the grandsons, etc.


This is my husband, Robert.  We live in Brixton, South London.  This is us on Google Maps Robert works for the outsourcing branch of Hewlett-Packard.

Robert and I are Christians, and used to attend King's Acre Church; however, it has seemed good to the Powers that Be to close it, and unite us with another Methodist church locally; we do not yet know, as of July 2012, where we are going to worship, but will doubtless find out in due course.

Robert and I enjoy ice-skating as our main way of keeping fit. We skate at Streatham Ice and Leisure, a couple of miles down the road from here, coached by Roland Hailston and Phillipa Towler-Green. We enjoy participating in adult competitions and making friends from all over the world.

Apart from skating, I enjoy creative activities, such as making soap and knitting/crochet.  Some years ago, I made a collection of recipes, as stated above.

This is our daughter, Emily Morrell, with our two grandsons, Nicholas on the left and James on the right. Emily was educated at Streatham Hill and Clapham High School (now known as Streatham and Clapham High School), a Girls’ Day School Trust school. She was, during her schooldays, an active member of the Girls' Brigade, in which she is a Warrant Officer, and has been awarded the Queen's Award, the highest Girls' Brigade award.

After leaving school, she spent a gap year in Switzerland as an au pair, followed by travelling in the USA, and a dig in France.  She then went to York University, from which she graduated in July 2002 with a 2.1 joint honours in History and Archaeology. 

After graduation, she worked for a couple of years as Production Editor and Webmaster on Antiquity Magazine; however, in May 2006 Emily and her then fiancé Andrew left York and settled in London. Emily is now working for the Publications Department of the School of Advanced Study at the University of London, based at Senate House, although she  mostly works from home these days.

 Emily is married to Andrew Morrell, who works as a senior advocate for LPC .  They have been together since their first term at York, and now live in Walthamstow, north-east London. There are a few photos of their wedding here

James was born in July 2010, and Nicholas in September 2013. James will be going to Hillyfield Academy (Aveling Park Site) in September 2014. They do have a website, but it doesn't reflect the fairly new site. At present he attends Lloyd Park Children's Centre 2 ½ days a week.

And, finally, in case you were wondering, our name is pronounced "Smith", as that is the correct spelling of the surname in Northern Ireland, where Robert comes from. 

Thank you for visiting. Do read any of my sermons you are interested in. And have a look at those  recipes and my various blogs.

Bye for now.

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